Analysis of the academic aspects associated with the low results in saber
11 tests of the Santa Teresita Educational Institution of Puerto Libertador
Análisis de los aspectos académicos asociados a los bajos resultados en pruebas saber 11
de la Institución Educativa Santa Teresita de Puerto Libertador -Córdoba
Diana Patricia Rivas Atencia
Flor Marina Rodríguez Jiménez
Luisa Fernanda Giraldo Torres
This work is the result of a research conducted
at the Santa Teresita de Puerto Libertador -
Córdoba Educational Institution. Its general
objective is to identify the academic aspects
that are associated with the low results in the
Saber 11 tests in this Educational Institution,
through a contextual analysis and thus allow
the improvement of the educational quality.
This research has a qualitative approach,
which is oriented to understand the
phenomena, exploring them from the
perspective of the participants in a natural
environment and in relation to their context.
According to Hernández, Fernández, and
Baptista, (2014), data collection occurs in the
natural and everyday environments of the
participants, using the interview as the main
instrument for data collection.
Keywords: Academic Aspects, Low Results,
Saber 11 Tests, Curriculum Adjustments,
Multimedia Resource
Received: November 23, 2022
Approved: May 10, 2023
B.A. in Basic Education with emphasis
in Natural Sciences and Environmental
Education, Specialist in Recreational
Play, Ibero-
American University Corporation,
2 Professional in economics, Specialist in
Pedagogy and Teaching, Ibero-American
University Corporation,
3 Bachelor's Degree in Basic Education
with Enf in Mathematics, Humanities
and Spanish Language, Specialist in the
Integral Development of Children and
Ibero-American University
Analysis of the academic aspects associated with the low results in saber 11 tests of the Santa Teresita Educational Institution of
Puerto Libertador -Córdoba.
Vol 3 - No 1 July - December e-ISSN 2745-1194 Pages 1- 26
Este trabajo es resultado de una investigación
realizada en la Institución Educativa Santa
Teresita de Puerto Libertador - Córdoba, tiene
como objetivo general, identificar los aspectos
académicos que están asociados a los bajos
resultados en las pruebas Saber 11 en esta
Institución Educativa, mediante un análisis
contextual y con ello permitir el mejoramiento
de la calidad educativa. Esta investigación
tiene un enfoque cualitativo, la cual está
orientada en comprender los fenómenos,
explorándolos desde la perspectiva de los
participantes en un ambiente natural y en
relación con su contexto. En donde, según
Hernández, Fernández, y Baptista, (2014) La
recolección de datos ocurre en los ambientes
naturales y cotidianos de los participantes,
utilizando la entrevista como el principal
instrumento de recolección de información.
Palabras clave: Aspectos académicos, Bajos
Resultados, Pruebas Saber 11, Ajustes
curriculares, Recurso multimedial
In recent decades, education in Colombia has undergone a series of transformations
aimed at improving the pedagogical processes in the classroom, which has led to the
design of a series of guidelines for educational institutions to adjust programs and
optimize their improvement plans.
In this sense, the Colombian Ministry of Education requires to follow up on these
processes, and one of these ways is through the census evaluations called Saber Tests;
which are applied in the 3rd, 5th, 9th and 11th grade and are done in all the official
establishments of the country. Regarding the results of the official educational
establishments of the municipality of Puerto Libertador, it can be observed that most
of the students are in the lowest and minimum levels, which means that they are low.